Range of application of our X-ray diffraction systems

X-ray diffraction systems from XRD Eigenmann GmbH are used professionally in many fields of application. Driven by specific customer requests, we offer the optimum individual solution for all application sectors, e.g., for:

Aviation and energy generation:
XRD Galaxy SCL

Laue method for single-crystal orientation, orientation of directionally solidified turbine blades (aircraft turbines and gas turbines)

Research and development laboratories in industry and universities: XRD Space Universal

Diffractometry for phase analysis, texture analysis, stress analysis, micro-diffraction, thin film analysis, high resolution diffraction

Aviation and automotive industries:
XRD Charon S

Diffraction for stress analysis of small, medium, and large samples or components retained austenite and nitride layer analyses

Photovoltaics, heat treatment and coating technology: XRD Sun

In-situ and real-time characterization of layer growth, reactions and phase transformations

Semiconductor industry:
XRD Galaxy SCD

Orientation of single crystals, large ingots, and wafers with the highest precision

Renewable energy:

Fast in-situ XRD analysis