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XRD Eigenmann GmbH was founded in 2014 and started operational business in 2015. As a medium-sized family-owned business, it combines continuity and reliability with high flexibility.

We define ourselves in the tradition of the Röntgenwerk Rich. Seifert & Co. After the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895, Richard Seifert senior started already in 1896 with the production of X-ray apparatus and equipment for medical, industrial, and research applications. The production facility Röntgenwerk Rich. Seifert & Co. soon developed to a leading supplier of X-ray equipment.

Starting in the seventies of the past centennial, computerized X-ray diffractometers were developed and built. Under the direction of Dr. A. Haase, this section developed into the business unit SEIFERT Analytical X-Ray, which XRD Eigenmann GmbH is now taking further into the future.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
Richard Seifert (sen.)

We for your success

Our team uses the professional expertise to design the blueprint of your success. With more than 30 employees and partners, we plan, develop, configure, design, and manufacture customised and innovative solutions for you employing the decades of experience of our highly qualified team members and partners. We see ourselves as your partner and source of ideas for your further development. We offer you a long-term reliable partnership.

Our team offers you

  • Support and advice in the configuration of your new X-ray diffraction system for your specific needs
  • Mechanical and electrical design, production and integration of our high-quality X-ray diffraction systems.
  • Continuous maintenance and development of the software.
  • Support and advice in the application of the technology.
  • Full service to guarantee high availability of your equipment
  • Upgrades and retrofits. Customised upgrade kits for existing systems ensure continued operation without discontinuation of earlier generations of equipment.

We are there for you

Frank Baumgardt (Dipl. Phys.)

(Sales Manager)

Studied physics at the University of Rostock
From 1989 – Development engineer for marine electronics

From 1991 – Sales Manager for SEIFERT Analytical X-Ray at Rich. Seifert & Co. GmbH,
Agfa-Gevaert Group and GE Inspection Technologies GmbH

From 2014 – Sales Manager at Rigaku Europe SE

From 2015 – Sales Manager for SEIFERT Analytical X-Ray at XRD Eigenmann GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Bernd Eigenmann


Studied mechanical engineering with the focus on materials science at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) – now KIT – and at the University of California, Los Angeles

1985-1999 – working with Professor Macherauch at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) on specific topics of X-ray residual stress analysis: first as assistant, then as head of research laboratory focussing on the development and application of X-ray residual stress analysis in industry and research

From 2000 –X-ray and Materials Laboratory Eigenmann as a service provider for industry and research

From 1986 – Cooperation with and Dr. Haase in hardware, technology, and software development for X-ray diffraction systems

From 2015 – Continuation of the SEIFERT Analytical X-Ray product line at XRD Eigenmann GmbH

Doctor of Natural Sciences Alfried Haase

(Associated senior Analytical X-Ray expert)

Studied physics and chemistry at the Universities of Freiburg and Basel, PhD at the University of Freiburg

From 1977 – Head of SEIFERT Analytical X-Ray and member of the executive board at Rich. Seifert & Co. GmbH, Agfa-Gevaert Group and GE Inspection Technologies GmbH

Supervising the transition of SEIFERT Analytical X-Ray from GE Inspection Technologies GmbH to XRD Eigenmann GmbH

From 2014 – Associated senior Analytical X-Ray expert at XRD Eigenmann GmbH