X-ray diffraction in a class of its own

Our X-ray diffraction systems are in professional use in numerous industrial and service enterprises (in automotive, aerospace and aviation, and energy technology as well as in research institutes and universities).

The unique combination of high-precision mechanical engineering/technology, large sample space as well as large sample weights make our X-ray diffractometers valuable tools for standard applications and for special requirements in the X-ray diffraction.

XRD Eigenmann GmbH defines itself in the tradition of SEIFERT Analytical X-Ray and is moving SEIFERT X-ray diffraction systems into the future. Our core expertise comprises hard and software development as well as supporting our customers in the application of the technology. We rely on decades of experience of our team in the development and application of X-ray diffraction technology in industry and research as well as the team’s pioneering spirit of research and invention.

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We are an aknowledged and reliable partner for all companies requiring long-term proven standardised equipment for X-ray diffraction in production and in quality control. We also provide development departments and research institutions with universal and widely applicable X-ray diffraction technology.